Israel is all tactics and no strategy | FP Passport

Sadly, this seems to be the case.  A ground offensive at this point in time would probably be disastrous; urban, unconventional warfare levels the playing field between Israel and Hamas.  Secondly, while the Israeli public (from all political stripes) tends to support the current operation, they will most likely cease to do so if this phase of the war drags on into months with heavy losses.  Finally, and most importantly, I see no evidence of an emerging Israeli strategy-other than to destroy Hamas’ military capabilities. 

With 1200+ rockets fired at Israel in 2008 before the Israeli retaliation, I suspect that Israel wants to achieve three goals in this current phase of military operations.  First, demonstrate that Israel has the capabiliites to hit back at Hamas with overwheliming force, a perception that was challenged following the 2006 Hezbollah-Israel war.  Secondly, Israel seeks to make Hamas’ rebuidling and rearmament very costly and time consuming. Time gices the Israelis (a) security in southern Israel and (b) the opportunity to try and identify/break the networks of supplies and funding that are streaming into Gaza from throughout the region.  Finally, somehow hope that the chaos of this round of war will force others to replace or marginalize Hamas’ influence in Gaza.  The first two goals seem achievable, the third, unfortunately, is rather fanciful. 


Israel is all tactics and no strategy | FP Passport

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