Now the ground war | The Economist

“EU, Turkish and Arab League personnel may all come under consideration to staff a monitoring regime on the Gaza-Egypt border, say the Israelis. It should include, too, officials of the Palestine Authority– just as the original border-crossings regime did in 2005, after Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. Israeli officials say Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other moderate Arabs hope openly that Hamas’s standing will be seriously diminished in the aftermath of the present fighting.Well-placed diplomatic sources say this line of thinking, if it were implemented, could be a way of facilitating the PA’s return to power in Gaza and with it some prospects of a durable deal with Israel. “They can’t come back on Israeli tanks, but they can perhaps, on the coat-tails of an international force,” a diplomat said. Such optimism is predicated, though, these sources caution, on the Israeli ground campaign ending quickly and on the number civilian casualties not rising much higher.”

Now the ground war | The Economist

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