More news on demography and politics

A special report from this week’s Economist (if you don’t subscribe, you’re just not cool; period) on ageing populations; covering a range of issues from a shortage of babies to retirement and work to speculating about a future world that has not experienced such a wide demographic diversity as we have today.  My favorite point of the report addresses how pensions and other social security schemes in Europe and the U.S. could have never anticipated our contemporary advances in life expectancy.  Consequently, the authors offer that we rethink not only work, but the very concept of retirement as well.  For me, as I often tell all of my students, I do no t plan to rely on Social Security, Medicare, etc.; not simply because I feel that the program will be insolvent, but that I can’t imagine simply giving up some sort of creative work. In addition, the paper has an article that reflects emerging academic studies and news on the link between climate change and human migration.  A new (under) class of travelers highlights the fact that there are/will be winners and losers as a result of climate change (just as there always has been).  In contrast to previous instances where humans migrated as a result of environmental push factors, the presence of billions of people in the developing world combined with varying degrees of economic, political, social, and technological interdependence means that all of us will have to address the realities of massive demographic changes in the coming years.

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