Israeli Settlements Moving Center Stage

To be honest, I’m completely surprised about the incredible amount of attention that’s being directed towards the issue of settlements.  Students and scholars who focus on this issue have long been aware that the the Arab-Israeli conflict is largely about territory and demography.  There is no competing ideology or politics that trumps the zero-sum game of identity and territoriality.  That said, despite the “renewed” interest in the demography of this conflict, here are some recent essential reads on Israeli settlements.

Tough Love is No Love at All (via Foreign Policy)
“Why Obama’s Approach to Israel is collapsing. Rapidly”

Israeli Diplomat’s Settlements Interview (via Tablet Magazine)
“Has something to please and worry everyone”

U.S. Pressure on Jewish Settlements Spurs Sales (via NPR)
“The first in a two-part series”

International Crisis Group: Israel’s Religious Right & the Question of Settlements (via Council on Foreign Relations)
“Israel’s Religious Right and the Question of Settlements, the latest report from the International Crisis Group, warns against underestimating the importance of a growing political and social phenomenon that, if ignored, could undermine a sustainable Israeli-Palestinian peace.”

Various stories (via Haaretz)
Netanyahu: israel won’t dismantle West Bank fence
Envoy to U.S.: Differences on Settlements to be Resolved Soon
Israel Envoy: No Crisis with U.S. over Settlements

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