Delicious Scavenger Hunt


One of the biggest obstacles to using the Internet for research is the inability to maintain an organized set of references on a broad range of topics.  This exercise will help students to become better versed at using advanced bookmarking techniques; useful for everything from aggregating references on the web to sharing information with colleagues.  Students will be asked to view a brief instructional video and then complete a series of tasks that will familiarize them with content and skill sets relevant to our studies in IB History.

Essential Questions

What is How will it help me with my portfolio project?


1. Watch this video

2. Tasks

  • Create a account
  • Deploy one of these bookmark tools into your browser
  • Go to this website, this website, and this website; bookmark the sites and tag them as “arabisrael”
  • Go to this website; Read the page and develop a brief summary of the page; Bookmarks the page and paste your summary of the page into the “Notes” section; Tag the site as “arabisrael”
  • Search for this phrase: “avalon balfour declaration”; Choose the correct result and bookmark the website using the tags “arabisrael” and “primarysource”
  • Search for the phrase “university texas maps palestine”; Choose 3 maps and bookmarks them, using the tags”arabisrael” + any other tag you think is appropriate; Email one of your bookmarks to a colleague using the “Send” functionality.

3. One more thing…

  • Log into your portfolio
  • Find a way to embed your bookmarks into your sidebar or somewhere on your website (you may have to rely on a “help” section from your web hosting service and/or

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