31 August-4 September: IB History HL-2

Course: IB History HL-2
Dates: 31 August to 4 September
Essential Question(s): What are the implications for the policy of Containment in the Americas? How did the rise (and subsequent fall) of McCarthyism affect the domestic and foreign policies of the United States. How did the onset of the Cold War (described by Gaddis as “the return of fear”) impact the society and culture of the United States?
Before Class on Monday: Develop a plan for identifying the (a) content (b) deliverables and (c) rubric for your first assessment

Day In Class
Outside of Class
Monday Identify Working Groups for 1st series of Objectives. Work on Portfolio and Learning Contract Objectives
Tuesday Meetings with Working Groups. Library/research time for pre-approved Students and Working Groups Work on Portfolio and Learning Contract Objectives
Thursday Complete Meetings with Working Groups. Establish a schedule for 1st round of Deliverables and corresponding Rubrics. Review 3 to 4 articles bookmarked here for background material for Friday’s discussion: the Honduran Constitutional Crisis (2009)
Friday Current Events Friday: Honduran Constitutional Crisis (2009) Work on Portfolio and Learning Contract Objectives

Additional Notes: Please keep abreast of upcoming posts to Gleektopia, especially those posts tagged as HL-2. As we (collectively) move forward with our Learning Contracts, I’ll be posting corresponding documents, rubrics, and other resources to aid you in your portfolio work.

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