Gleek at a Glance, HL2 21-25 September


  • Essential Question/Journal Prompt: What role does Congress play in the foreign policy process? How do the public, media, and other linkage institutions impact U.S. foreign policy?
  • In Class: NO JOURNAL PROMPT (unless you want to); Complete Lecture & Discussion, “United States Foreign Policy Institutions & Influences”. Once lecture is finished, embed the lecture slides in your portfolio (selection from the “Actions” button at the bottom of the page).
  • Outside of Class: Reading Packet, “Kennedy’s Alliance for Progress” (Smith, pp. 214-236) for tomorrow’s class.


  • Essential Question/Journal Prompt: How was Kennedy’s “Alliance for Progress” different from other U.S. foreign policy initiatives during the early Cold War years?
  • In Class: Respond to the journal prompt [20 minutes]; Discussion of reading, 20 minutes; Introduce final mechanics for major assessment piece due 23 October. Students must submit a plan of action/choice of assessment to Turnitn.combefore 11.59pm on 27 September
  • Outside of Class: “Khruschev’s Ultimatim: The Berlin Crisis 1958-63” (Kissinger, pp. 568-593) for Thursday’s class


  • Essential Question/Journal Prompt: “Khrushchev’s change in attitude towards successive American presidents had a profound impact on the crises surrounding Berlin in the late-1950s and early 1960s.”
  • In Class: Respond to the journal prompt [20 minutes]; Discussion of reading, 20 minutes; Work on Major Assessment [remainder of the class period]. ASSESSMENT-Submit ‘best” journal prompt for assessment to by Friday @ 4.00pm
  • Outside of Class: Work on upcoming assessments


  • Essential Question/Journal Prompt: None
  • In Class:Use class time to decide on/work on/submit either (a) Journal prompt for the week OR (b) plan for major assessment. Reading Packet for the following week will be distributed in class.
  • Outside of Class: Get ahead on readings, t.b.a.

About Charlie Gleek

Ph.D. student in Comparative Studies and graduate instructor in the Department of English at Florida Atlantic University. My work takes place around intersections of postcolonial literature, quantitative literary analysis, and digital humanities.

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