SL1 Project: Six Day War Study Guide

General Directions

Working in Groups, students will produce a comprehensive Study Guide for the Six Day War. This guide should build on your previous understanding of the dynamics of the Arab-Israeli Conflict (key trends, types of actors, etc.) as well as incorporate some of the technical and organization skills you’ve been working on throughout the year. Students should spend Monday’s class planning and organizing their efforts before just “jumping” into the project.

Students should produce a document that is both (a) public-available to the rest of their colleagues in the class and (b) dynamic (include links, images, etc). By working in groups, the class will produce a complete guide to understand the dynamics of this most pivotal point in the Arab-Israeli Conflict. While groups are open to choose their own formats (document, web page, blog post, etc) the creation of a Lecture Slide presentation (i.e. PowerPoint) is prohibited.

Students will make presentation/lesson/discussion of their work in class on Monday, 26 October. Presentations should be no more than 5 to 7 minutes in length. Presentations should be centered around a discussion question (like a journal prompt) with a summary of the group’s efforts

Topics & Groups

Arabism & Zioninsm; Geography

  • A comparison and contrast of these two forms of nationalism; Describe the various geographic facets of the Six Day War
  • A Period: Wayne, David, Alejandro, Callie
  • D Period: David, Billy, TJ, Carlynn

Arab Actors

  • Describe the interests of the various governments, non-state actors, and individual leaders of the Arab world in relation to the Six Day War
  • A Period: Samantha, Will, Matt, James
  • D Period: Allie, Jillian, Zach, Quin, Victoria


  • Describe the interests and domestic politics of Israel in relation to the Six Day War
  • A Period: Danielle, Ashley, Chris, Nick
  • D Period: Stefan, Michelle, Taylor, Julia, Kaitlin


  • Describe the interests and actions of the various Great Powers and International Organizations involved in the Six Day War.
  • A Period: Felipe, Adam, Aaron D, Fish
  • D Period: Jordie, Steven, Lauren, Brenna

Time Line of the Six Day War

  • Create an interactive (web links) time line of the Six Day War
  • A Period: Aaron U, Symona, Brandon
  • D Period: Xavier, Mitch, Kevin, Okoye’

Study Guide Components
Essential Question(s)

  • The Essential Question should guide your presentation & discussion; these should mirror the types questions that you are familiar with in your journal prompts

Summary of evidence

  • Including page numbers in text and “Deliciously-bookmarked” links


  • Maps, pictures, and political cartoons related to the events of the Six Day War.


  • Links to or embedding of video content

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