Morning Update-17 November Discussion to…

Morning Update-17 November

Discussion topic for the day: “Are you taking an active role in your education?”

Class Stuff:
HL1: from yesterday’s note, “Roselle and Spray, pp. ix-xi (Preface); 1-11 (Chapter 1). If you need copies, please email me & I’ll drop them off for you in class” Since none of you emailed, me, asked, or picked up the copies I left on the stool, I take it you’ve read the material on your own….[insert sense of foreboding here]

HL2: “Days of Rage & Wonder: Hippies” Bring your ponchos & beanbags for today’s class. No, your essay is still due on Sunday.

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Ph.D. student in Comparative Studies and graduate instructor in the Department of English at Florida Atlantic University. My work takes place around intersections of postcolonial literature, quantitative literary analysis, and digital humanities.

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  1. yeah…. I didn’t see that email me thing, so take this as my email for needing a copy…

    • David, I actually left copies for everyone on my stool before F Period yesterday. Please stop by in the morning & I’ll give you yours to read before F Period tomorrow.

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