HL1 Final Exam Results


All, here are the statistics from your first Trimester final exam:

Tomorrow, I’ll return your exam in class, along with a hardcopy of the markscheme I used to evaluate the exams. Please keep these for your records/study guide in preparation for your IB History examination; either May 2010 or May 2011.

In all cases, there was an 8.5% curve upwards on the exam; this means that the handwritten score on your exam is lower than the score you received on Edline

Please refer to the scoring guide as you review your exam in class on Monday

Adjusted Average Grade: 85.51% (this is really high)
A+: 4
A: 6
A-: 4
B+: 3
B: 3
B-: 1
C+: 4
C: 1
D+: 1
D: 2

As you can infer from these descriptive statistics, a vast majority (21/30) scored above average against the markscheme. As these questions were derived from old IGCSE exams, most of you should feel confident that you can earn passing scores on the IB History exam; especially if you’re planning to take the exam in May 2011. As always, please review your exam & markscheme completely before scheduling an appointment with me to discuss your grade.

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