Mr. Gleek, After doing my simple literat…

Mr. Gleek,

After doing my simple literature review, I kind of want to modify my research topic. How do I do this? Do I need to make a new graphic organizer?

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  1. Oh yeah and one more question, I read the pages that corresponded on how to set up a possible research term, and I still do not exactly understand what a research term is … Can you help me with this?

  2. Me too. My topic is too broad and I want to change it.

  3. Good! Reflection & revision is an important step in the research process. ‘no need to redo your graphic organizer for an assessment. Although if you think it will help you in the process, you may want to do so.

    “research term”? I don’t see that concept in either the text or the study guide-‘not sure what you’re referring to.

    • I’m referring to this:

      Develop a list of five possible research terms that are related to your dependent variable.

      • ahh, in this case, you want to identity any synonyms or related concepts, ideas (terms) to your dependent variable. For example, if my research question was What role did Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson play in the establishment of UNEF? my dependent variable would be the establishment of UNEF. I would not only search for “UNEF” but also “peacekeeping”, “1956 Suez Crisis”, “Canadian foreign policy”, etc/you get the idea. The point here is to (a) fully appreciate your dependent variable (what you are studying), (b) help to identify a number of avenues of research and (c) possible identify historical trends that would lead you to a few independent variables.

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