HL2: Updated Paper Options

Based on today’s review in class, each of you have one of the following two questions for your 3rd paper on Civil Rights and Social Movements
1. Evaluate the impact of Black Power on the civil rights movement in the United States during the second half of the 1960s
2. In what ways, and for what reasons, did women’s role in society in the region change after 1945?

Papers should still be formatted along these lines. The paper is due to Turnitin.com no later than 11.59pm on 18 December. The markscheme for the paper is as follows:

[17+ marks] for full detailed knowledge and pertinent analysis.
[14 to 16 marks] for structured focus and analytical answers.
[11 to 13 marks] for explicit focus on and knowledge of reasons.
[8 to 10 marks] for narrative with implicit assessment of reasons.
[0 to 7 marks] for unsubstantiated generalizations.

Marks and Points
IB Markscheme (Points x/100) Letter Grade
note, an increase of up to 5 points (not marks) may be added to papers that demonstrate thorough research

20 (100) A+
19 (96) A
18 (94) A
17 (90) A-
16 (89) B+
15 (86) B
14 (84) B
13 (80) B-
12 (79) C+
11 (76) C
10 (74) C
9 (70) C-
8 (69) D+
7 (66) D

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