Seminar Assignments Gaddis White, Bringa…

Seminar Assignments


C Period: White, Bringas, Thornton, Dwiggins, Gerstman, Papagno, Boodhoo, Curley, Antunano.

F Period: Pohle, Nipon, DeVaux, Lavassani, Cho, Hendricks, Volz, Rosenbaum, Dubrow

For Monday: Read “Preface” and pp. 1-47. Answer the corresponding questions in this study guide. Submit your responses to the study guide to Turnitin AND bring in a hard copy to class for credit (5 points).


C Period: Butzeck, Phillips, Bornheimer, Bullington.

F Period: Columbo, Noguerol

For Thursday: Read: “Preface” and “Chapter 1” in Arnold, History-A Very Short Introduction


C Period: Zighelboim, Knight, Smith, Cushing, Kareff, Davidson, Janaskie, Ligeti
Assignment parameters here


Seminar Paper due to by 8.00am each Friday. Printed copies for all seminar participants due in class

  • 8 January: Kennan George F., “The Sources of Soviet Conduct”: Kareff
  • 15 January: Windsor, Phillip. “The Berlin Crises”: Cushing
  • 22 January: Wingrove, Paul, ‘Who Started Korea?”: Davidson
  • 29 January: Blight, James G. and Nye, Joseph S. Nye, Welch, David A.Welch., “The Cuban Missile Crisis Revisited.”: Janaskie
  • 12 February: Garnett, John, “Face to Face with Armageddon”: Smith
  • 19 February: Payne and Gray, “The Star Wars Debate: Nuclear Policy and the Defensive Transition”: Knight
  • 26 February: Leffler, Melvyn P., “Cold War and Global Hegemony, 1945-1991: Zighelboim. Greenstein, Fred I., “The impact of Personality on the Cold War: A Counterfactual Analysis”: Ligeti

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