Let’s Play…find Conor’s Spanish textbook!

Apparently, the book has taken quite a journey today. Hopefully, it will be reunited with it’s owner before he heads home for the evening. Otherwise, this game may just have to start again tomorrow.

Here are the rules:

I’ll post a photo of the book & it’s many travels. Each time a person correctly identifies the locale (and if applicable) the person with the book in a comment on this post, I’ll reveal a new picture. You may also want to question the individuals in the pictures, as they may (or may not) be able to help find the book. Here’s where to begin:

About Charlie Gleek

Ph.D. student in Comparative Studies and graduate instructor in the Department of English at Florida Atlantic University. My work takes place around intersections of postcolonial literature, quantitative literary analysis, and digital humanities.

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  1. truffleshuffle88

    out side in the lake side commons, thxs bicker

  2. york’s room

  3. that would be a rock (coral, actually). alright, here’s the next one. Please indicate the direction the camera is facing in order to unlock the next photo.

  4. hahaha yeah

  5. psh, sal. so easy.

  6. truffleshuffle88

    just wondering, do i win when i go to pick it up?

  7. The game is over because, apparently, the book went home with its owner. Photos of the book’s travels can be found here Bonus points if you can name one particular person in the background of the photo taken by Le Cafe…

  8. truffleshuffle88

    brandon friedman, and if you looked on the inside cover it says “don’t steal my libro (spanish for book) or the book ninja will get you!” so watch your back

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