HL Midterm Exams

I’ve finished with the midterm exams….

As my previous post alluded to, three groups of students have emerged. Students in the “very good” category scored between 25-34 marks (out of a possible 40) on both questions. Responses to these questions were well organized, highly detailed, analytical, and demonstrated a mastery of most (if not all) of the content covered so far in The Cold War. 8 out 30 students fell into this category. The next group (“acceptable”) scored between 16 and 24 (out of 40) marks on the exam. Their responses to the questions were reasonable, with some detail and occasional analysis of the material. 12 out of 20 students fell into this category. The final group (“needs improvement”) scored between 8 and 15 marks (out of 40) on the exam. In these cases, responses lacked not only analysis and organization, but also depth of understanding and even basic historical detail. 10 out of 30 students fell into this category.

I’ll be including these results, along with your IA, in your midterm comments (posted to Edline tomorrow). However, I won’t post grades on these until I’ve finalized norming the scores for these exams; most likely on Monday. In the meantime, I’ll be happy to provide you with your category (“very good”, “acceptable”, or “needs improvement”). I will return the exams with the specific markschemes for the questions you answered early next week.

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