Gleek at a Glance 6 to 12 February

HL1 Calendar
Monday: Gaddis Group, pp. 119 to 155: “The Emergence of Autnonomy” Please be sure to submit your study guides before class to Turnitin.
Tuesday/Wednesday: “Mutually Assured Destruction”

Discussion Questions

  • What is deterrence?
  • Is M.A.D. logical?
  • What policies did the U.S. and Soviet Union develop to deal with nuclear realities?
  • What is an arms race? How do they begin, escalate, and end?
  • What were the shared interests of both the U.S. and USSR with respect to nuclear weapons/posture/policy?
  • How did domestic/civilian societies respond to/deal with the threat of nuclear war?
  • What is an ABM? What are MIRVs? Do they contribute to or undermine deterrence?
  • What is the purpose of arms control? How effective do yo think it is?
  • Evaluate te evolution of U.S. nuclear policy: Massive Retaliation; No Cities-Counterforce; MAD; Deterrence
  • Summarize the following arms control treaties: Limited Test Ban Treaty (1963); Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (1970); Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty I (1970); Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (1972)

and “Detente”

CNN Videos on how the Cold War went from the brink of nuclear disaster to an easing of tensions over the span of about 10 years.

Thursday: Research Group: You should have your research question complete and the relevant literature complied before class. We’ll use class to organize the literature into themes & other organizational tasks.
Friday: Readings Group: Garnett (1999) Mr. Smith will be leading the seminar.

HL2 Calendar
Monday: Work on Paper #3
Tuesday: Work on Paper #3
Thursday: Work on Paper #3
Friday: Roundtable Discussions: “Popular culture: new manifestations and trends in literature, films, music and entertainment” in [your country]. Paper uploaded ot the shared folder and due to by Sunday night at 11.59pm

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Ph.D. student in Comparative Studies and graduate instructor in the Department of English at Florida Atlantic University. My work takes place around intersections of postcolonial literature, quantitative literary analysis, and digital humanities.

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