Who depends the most on Libyan oil?

Irish voters head to the polls today for a national election that is expected to bring to an end to the rule of the Fianna Fail party, which has been in power for 60 of the last 80 years. (See Alex Massie’s preview on the site today.) The vote comes amidst a time of spiralling economic turmoil for the country. As if an 11 percent GDP decline and 13 percent unemployment aren’t bad enough, Ireland also stands to take a hit if oil supplies from Libya are further disrupted, as this chart from the Economist — via RealClearWorld —  makes clear: 

In terms of total volume of imports, Italy is by far the leader, according to the Economist, bringing in more than 376,000 barrels per day. 

Hat tip: FP alum Kayvan Farzaneh

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